Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Researching brand identity: business cards, letterheads, folder designs, etc.

Here are some brand identity designs that I found to be unique, attractive, and enticing.

                                          Hnina Healthy Dark Chocolate Sweety Branding Studio

                                          Melissa DePape Photography Jag Nagra

                                         Mylene Poisson by CASERNE

                                          7-Eleven by BVD

                                          Provisions by Foreign Policy

                                          Rossi Long Consulting by Matthew Hancock

                                          Passe Production by CASERNE

                                             Tailored Twig by Funnel

                                           The Ink Drop Fine Arts Shop by Timor Salikhov

                                                              Zen Tea by Konrad Sibilski

                                          AM 1000 E Studio by Sweety Branding Studio

                                          Pino Lifestyle Store by Agency BOND

                                          Rafael Klein by Sweety Branding Studio

                                          Just in Case- End of the World Kit by Menosunocerouno

                                         Loysel's Toy by Foreign Policy

The Roof by Foreign Policy              


                                         Enjoei by Sweety Branding Studio

                                          House of Balsamic by Design by Face

                                              IHO by Design by Face

                                                               Queen by Design by Face

Good Food by Design by Face

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