Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Inspiring Logos

                                          logo for a children's book, Cody Haltom and Matthew Genitempo

logo for Optimistic Beverages, Christian Helms

logo for the outdoor-themed social-networkig site Fishidy, Curtis Jenkins

Your Mouth is Talking logo for Missouri Dental Association, Buck Smith

book cover from Collected Poems of Tennessee Williams

Graintalk logo

Arbor Collective logo

Ripe Films logo

Get Wired logo

Starbucks logo

Designia logo

logo for Moustache Lovers, Cosima

Crockery logo

Grateful Dead logo

Oliva logo

logo for Countercurrent

logo for Old Drunk

Eight Fish logo

Bckspace logo

a logo for Napoleon sushi-bar

Neff snowboarding logo

Kingstyle Menswear logo

Silkskin logo

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